I am grateful that the things that matter in life run in cycles. 

The practice of our faith is guided by the liturgical calendar. We can celebrate birthdays and life every so often because the calendar says so. Milestones in and happy breaks from formal learning alternate each other based on a school year.  Farmers plant, water, weed, harvest, then plant again. Why, we even come to terms with the other "sure thing" in life, a.k.a. taxes, when April 15 of the fiscal year comes around!

Cycles give us the opportunity to do things better each time. Kinda like repeated practice that leads to improvement and raised standards. Or rehearsals for the big performance. Or recipes kitchen-tested again and again for the big party. Training and practice for the big game. More and better fruits each harvesting season. 

One day, when life's cycles stop recurring,
wouldn't it be nice if we find ourselves all set and ready
for the Destination?


  1. Surely you don't have to deal with an April 15th deadline in the P.I.? I hope not! it's a symptom of one of the most dysfunctional tax collection systems in the world!

  2. Coincidentally, our tax deadline falls on April 15. This year, it is best to deal with it earlier because April 15 falls on Holy Tuesday. Best not to be distracted during the Holy Week :-)


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