Moments of Grace Online Daybook No. 5

Moments of Gratitude

I am grateful for

~ the freedom to worship.
~ the freedom to raise our family in the way we see fit.
~ the freedom to reject what runs counter to what I believe in.
~ the freedom to pursue my little dreams.  

Pondering on; Liturgical Living 

Lent does not have to be a complicated matter, I tell myself. 

Prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. Individually, with the family, and with one's parish and community. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving. With the right intentions, with a penitent and generous heart. Prayer, fasting, almsgiving. Fervently, lovingly, quietly. 

Praying for

~ the papal intentions for March, as entrusted to the Apostleship of Prayer:
  • "Respect for Women.  That all cultures may respect the rights and dignity of women.
  • Vocations.  That many young people may accept the Lord’s invitation to consecrate their lives to proclaiming the Gospel."
  • Reflections on these intentions are found here.
~ parents who have problems to bear (especially those that are health- and profession-related) on top of having to take care of their families on a full-time basis.

Around the House

I am finally done putting together my cleaning caddy. It was "field-tested" when I cleaned Eldest Daughter's room. It is such a time saver to have all you need at hand when you clean a room. I so enjoyed assembling and using the cleaning caddy for the first time. I'd like to do a post on that one of these days.  

Does this mean that the house will be much cleaner from now on? Let's see...  

In the Kitchen

Fruits, vegetables, and fiber. We're not getting enough of those. Somebody once said that healthy meals do not just happen. Tsk, tsk... somebody needs to put her kitchen act together. 

In the School Front

Trying to keep a daily rhythm based on our course plans will always be the biggest challenge for me and my two homeschoolers. Flexibility in time is both an opportunity and a deterrent in the homeschool setup. Keeping a daily rhythm is an exercise in perseverance and determination. Order in the physical environment helps a lot!

Next week, we are going on a field trip  in a science museum with one other homeschooling family. I am organizing this, and I am rather anxious about doing a good job. Checklists, checklists, checklists.

My two other kids who attend "regular schools" are almost done with their school year. I am particularly happy that Eldest Daughter, who is in college, will have a long break to recharge body and spirit. For Only Son, I have a list of repair jobs around the house ready to be tackled on the first day of vacation. Well okay, he can have a few days of rest and leisure first :-)


~ Catholic Culture's The Lenten Workshop 
Catholic Culture's Liturgical Year 2013-2014, Volume 3: Lent
In Conversation with God, Volume 2: Lent and Eastertide


May I share with you my simple sewing and crafts plan for Lent? The test is for me to stop starting (stop starting??) projects when I still have some (lots?) waiting to be finished. 

Wandering Around the Web (or maybe not)

My Facebook account is on temporary deactivation over Lent. Em has inspired me a lot in this decision. I need to process my detachment some more, and attend to practical issues, like looking for alternative ways to keep in touch with faraway relatives, especially. Then I hope to let go -- permanently.   

Looking Ahead

Husband's birthday is this Saturday :-)



  1. YAY for me inspiring someone - she says egotistically. Sorry - I may have to confess that. But I'm happy my lamenting FB has inspired others.
    YAY for eldest daughter getting to recharge and a son who can fix things.
    God bless him.
    I'm blessed to have lots of freedoms here. Let's pray we never take them for granted.
    Your daybook is awesome.

    1. Well, your sharing your FB experience is really pivotal to my decision. Thank God for the people He brings into my life :-)

  2. I've taken a break from Facebook for Lent, too. Mine is still 'active' because I realized that my Facebook is how our far flung family is keeping in touch and getting updates on the cancer battle. My blog posts update there automatically and I'm just not visiting there myself. I like that it isn't stealing time from my day any more.

    Cleaning caddy = BRILLIANT!! I've been using one for decades. Mine is actually a big ol' bucket. :)

    Have a wonderful week, Marcia.

    1. I'm thinking of using Skype, like once a month, to get in touch with relatives, but I don't want additional programs slowing down my computer :-(

      You make sure you get enough rest and good food, dear. Blessings...

  3. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    I am sure you will do an outstanding job with organizing your homeschooling families Science Museum field trip!
    Have a great time!

    Your "grateful for" list is very relevant - I have been thinking about all of those items as well.

    God bless!

    1. Thank you for the birthday greetings!

      The field trip was a lot of fun and learning-on-the-go. Also an opportunity to catch up with friends and plan the next outing. We survived the heat and the humidity, grabbed some ice cream before going home, and had an early bedtime :-)

      Thank you for your frequent visits!


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