Quick Antidotes to Mediocrity

I don't know about you, but nearing the third week of Lent, it becomes easier for me to forget my Lenten resolutions. Time to smarten up!

I share with you some thoughts from the saints to combat mediocrity...

"But don't drag the Cross...
Carry it squarely on your shoulder, 
because your Cross, if you carry it so,
will not just be any Cross:
it will be... the Holy Cross.

"Don't bear your Cross with resignation:
resignation is not a generous word.
Love the Cross.
When you really love it,
your Cross will be... a Cross without a Cross.

"And surely you, like Him, will find Mary on the way."

Mother of Our Savior, pray for us.

"Yes, let us be one with God
even in this life;
and for this we should be
more than resigned,
we should embrace the Cross
with joy."

Have a good rest-of-Lent, everyone.

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