Slow Cookin', Fast Washin'

One thing that I learned about laundry work in the many years of doing it as a married person (I did it differently in the college dorms, and you wouldn't want me to get to that) is that slow washing does not produce the same results as slow cooking.

You slice and chop and mince stroke after deliberate stroke, saute and simmer and stew under low fire until your family threatens to run to the nearest McDonald's if you don't serve dinner NOW, and what do you get? Delicious and healthy fare that induces the uninhibited post-dinner belching that family memories are made of.

On the other hand, you wait for the hampers to overflow and/or for the soiled clothes to ferment before you consider running a load, and what do you get? Family members transformed to a full army threatening war if they don't see fresh clothes delivered to their closets early the following day.

My problem is a classic case of trade-offs. While slow cooking and fast washing is the preferred paired outcome, the lack of material time, motivation, interest, and spirit of volunteerism, may force two possible undesired outcomes, namely fastfood and fast washing, and slow food and slow washing.

What am I doing?! I don't have time to engage in discourses!

I have meals to cook and clothes to wash!

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