My Week

Moments of Gratitude; Pondering on

I am thankful for Holy Week and the time it affords for prayer and reflection. 

I guess that because Lent and Easter are less hounded by consumerist fads and social obligations compared to Advent and Christmas, the proper disposition for Lent and Easter is somewhat easier to muster. Surely, the wise thing to do is to use this precious gift of relative quiet and make it work for one's Holy Week prayers, devotions, and simple get-togethers with family. 

Praying for

I am praying for conversion for myself, my family, my friends, and anyone who needs it. 

Liturgical Living 

More or less, our Holy Week routine consists of Confession in the early part of the week, Holy Thursday services and visita iglesia, Good Friday services, and the Easter Sunday Vigil Mass. We also take the opportunity to visit the grandparents. 

We are big on the visita iglesia in the Philippines. I have to plan our route early, although it should not be difficult because we live in the city where there are more than enough churches within a very manageable area. I am also hoping to do a pilgrimage to a Marian shrine this Holy Week. 

And hey, come April 27 (Second Sunday of Easter and Divine Mercy Sunday), Blessed John Paul II and Blessed John XXIII will be canonized


Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week from Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection by Pope Benedict XVI


Blessing of the Palms in this church.
We are also big on palm weaving on Palm Sundays,
although my photo is hardly an evidence.


  1. Palm weaving is a big thing here, too. I have saved my woven palms from past years and keep them in a large glass jar by our front door. Visita iglesia sounds wonderful. I don't know if they do it in La Paz (the only city with enough churches that's within 800 miles of us), but in our small town, we have only one church plus 4 chapels (for Sunday mass only), so everything is focused on the main church. We have a sort of reverse visita on Good Friday, when groups doing the Stations of the Cross start at each chapel and go to the main church for the Seven Last Words service.

    1. I think that because Spain ran the Philippines as its colony via Mexico, we shared and continue to share many religious traditions even if the entire Pacific Ocean separates us. My favorite example is our devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. How wonderful that the Catholic faith was sustained across time and many events in history. Have a blessed Easter Season!


I get so thrilled when you visit! Please tell me how it was like!