My Week

Moments of Gratitude

I am grateful for surprises:

~ going down to attack the dishes and finding out that Eldest Daughter has washed every single piece

~ looking for the broom and cleaning rag to give the common areas a once-over and finding out that Second Daughter has cleaned up the space

Pondering on 

If the whole Church takes up this missionary impulse, 
she has to go forth to everyone without exception.
But to whom should she go first? 

When we read the Gospel we find a clear indication: 
not so much our friends and wealthy neighbours, 
but above all the poor and the sick, 
those who are usually despised and overlooked, 
“those who cannot repay you” (Lk 14:14). 

There can be no room for doubt or for explanations 
which weaken so clear a message. 
Today and always, 
“the poor are the privileged recipients of the Gospel”,* 
and the fact that it is freely preached to them 
is a sign of the kingdom that Jesus came to establish. 
Benedict XVI, Address to the Brazilian Bishops in the Cathedral of São Paulo, Brazil (11 May 2007)

We have to state, 
without mincing words, 
that there is an inseparable bond 
between our faith and the poor. 
May we never abandon them."   

~ Apostolic Exhortation 

Praying for

~ generosity, selflessness, and the willingness to go another mile; cheerfulness 
~ those who are in the many forms and states of poverty
~ those who have nobody to pray for them

Liturgical Living; Looking Ahead 

I am actually looking forward to the Holy Week with its opportunity to stop and be silent, to read and pray, and be with family. 


In Conversation with God, Volume 2: Lent and Eastertide by Francis Fernandez
~ The Story of a Soul by Saint Therese of Lisieux


I am so done with my petite table napkins. I will be handwashing them soon!

The reversible placemats are next in line, then maybe, we can use the napkins and placemats for the Easter vigil meal :-)


This statue of Bl. John Paul II is found in the
Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish Church.


  1. I love that you can sew.
    Hug eldest daughter for doing the dishes.
    Thank you for reminding me to pray for and reach out to the poor more.
    Poor in spirit and love are still poor. Sigh.
    Blessings to you my friend.

    1. I am always blessed by your visits, Em. 'Will be hopping on to your space soon. I hope all is well!

  2. What an absolutely wonderful statue of Blessed JPII! I would love to get one for our parish priest, who is from Poland and who will be taking a pilgrimage to be in Rome for Bl. John Paul II's beatification.

    How thrilling your surprises are...what wonderful daughters. They must have an amazing mother! :o)

    1. Well, I have to be honest and say that the spirit of initiative was inherited from their father...

      Yes, I also quite taken by the statue. I hope to visit the church again; I will try to get a closer shot.

      Blessings and graces...


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