More Quiet

Happy, happy Easter, everyone! 
May you have a truly joyful Season 
in the company of the Risen Lord 
and your loved ones. 

Things will be quiet in my corner of the cyberspace for a bit longer. I truly believe that I am being prompted to read more and write less, to absorb more and rant less. That's a nice way of saying that I think I have to shut up, for now. 

To those of you whose blogs I visit now and then, I look forward to visiting you more often, and maybe leave a comment now and then (sorry, 'can't help it) :-).


  1. A very Blessed Easter you and your family, Marcia!

    You and I are both in quiet mode...

  2. Sigh... after all the posts you were writing, you might just be tired.
    Thinking of you. Hoping your days are peace and grace filled.


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