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I like the sound of the word "abode". It's not as cold as "house" and not as soft as "home". "Abode" hints of something strong and reliable and welcoming, and who doesn't like strong and reliable and welcoming?

This is the picture. A simple, functional, and pleasant-looking structure. A family. Mom and Dad love each other, and in the Sacrament of Marriage, have taken God as their Third Partner. Mom and Dad are blessed with as many children as they have opened their hearts to.

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Dad is the head of the family and builder of the abode. Mom supports Dad and is the keeper of the abode. Together, they raise the children that God has given them. The children are at the core of the abode for Dad and Mom have vowed to love and raise them to be worthy of eternity with their Creator. In the meantime, the abode is Heaven on earth, or at least as much as the family tries to make it that way. And everybody tries hard. Daily living can be peaceful, chaotic, or both, but always lived in faith and trusting in God's care and providence.

In that simplicity, the abode becomes strong and reliable and welcoming, as it is meant to be.

"When I picture the Holy Family, the thought that does me most good is 
-- simplicity of their home-life. 
Our Lady and Saint Joseph were well aware that Jesus was God, 
while at the same time great wonders were hidden from them, 
and -- like us -- they lived by faith." 

 ~ Saint Therese of Lisieux in A Story of a Soul 

Note: This piece was originally written for the Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2014. I did not quite complete the challenge, but I am keeping those posts in this blog because they are stand-alones, and because, yes, you may wish to read them :-).


  1. Great post! I'm stopping in from the A to Z Challenge. Nice to meet you! - Margo - www.margokelly.blogspot.com

  2. I like the image you've painted. I'd never really thought of the word, but you've given me something to think about. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge.

  3. I love that you are blogging more.
    I hope to have time to stop in and read them all.

    I don't do well with challenges where I have to post daily.
    Good for you for doing it.


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