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Have you ever, at some happy and contented point in your life, sat back, nodded, and said to yourself that your coordinates have coverged satisfactorily and that yes, life is good?

I did just that some time in the first quarter of 2014. Life was good. Not perfect, not charmed, not fantastic, but just good. Peacefully and meaningfully good. I could actually retire, pass out, and pass away from where I was. Tum tee tum, tum tee tum, tum tee tum tee tum tee tum tee tum...

Enter the second quarter of 2014. The coordinates have changed due to a combination of internal and external, aging and non-aging, climatic- and non-climatic, academic and non-academic, and filial and non-filial factors. Whichever way, though, I would like to believe that the changes were prompted by the Prompter and prompters that matter most in my life. Just as I like it, just how it should be.

Image courtesy of sattva 

So for the remaining of the second quarter and all of the third and fourth quarters of 2014 -- and the odds are that the horizon will extend beyond this year -- I will try to give a new meaning to 24/7, constancy, consistency, fortitude, perseverance, and other nice words in that family.

I don't know if the new coordinates will eventually converge satisfactorily as I hope they would. This, I am sure of, though: happiness and contentment are an internal decision; they are indifferent to endowments and external circumstances. And you know what else? Life is always good.

Tum tee tum...

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