On and from "Holiness for Housewives"

Last year, Jenny of The Littlest Way (formerly Suscipio) offered a very rich book list, which contained "Holiness for Housewives (and Other Working Women)" by Dom Hubert van Zeller.

It was a very welcome book for me, and it still is. Full of practical wisdom, it comes across like a manual at several points, which I initially found quite amusing. Given its message of pursuing sanctity while keeping home and family, however, I'd get my tips in the most straightforward manner that I can get them. Yup, manual-style.

I wish I can sit down and write a full-blown post about the book, but, well, time... Besides, a classic doesn't need an obscure but presumptuous blogger to give it a boost in readership!

So instead, I share with you a selection of quotes from the book. On the days when I am feeling like the old woman who lived in a shoe, I have to remind myself take a deep breath, go over (and pray using) these quotes, and spare my kids :-)

Here you go:

"... it is always the present moment, 
the present duty, 
that counts."

"You can, if you want, 
turn the monotony and drudgery and the distraction 
into an expression of love."

"...find a way of communicating with God 
by means of and not in spite of 
the calls upon your time and energy and patience."

" (The saints)... practiced dedicating their works to God 
until it became a habit to dedicate their minutes to him."

".. to be able to practice prayer in the middle of activity 
is something that derives more from an attitude of mind 
than from a multitude of resolutions."

"It is the overactivity, the misplaced emotion, and the ill-directed idea 
that must be corrected. 
The main thing is the desire for God's glory, 
and everything must be subordinated to that."

"With the sacrament of matrimony 
comes the grace of remaining constant 
in spite of everything -- everything."

"A love that is exacted from the soul 
by a suffering imposed by God 
is better than a love that is expressed 
by a mortification chosen by the soul."

"It is not as if we did not have the grace, 
we have the grace, and we know it. 
It is simply that we lack the will. 
It is our desires that are at fault."

"Start off by wanting to pray. 
Start off by deciding to pray -- always. 
You will be taught the rest."

"Give up prayer, 
and you no longer see the inwardness of things; 
you only see the surface."

Now, read the book for the fuller context and the rest of the rich advice!

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