'Til It's Blogging Time Again, Thank You

I won't be blogging here for a while. 

It's difficult to explain, and it may be difficult to understand. Being the friend that you have been, though, I know that you would understand if I were to explain. 

I have been immensely blessed by your friendship. I have lived my dream less imperfectly and coped better with my little life because you have generously given me glimpses of your own life. So I am not saying goodbye! I will still be hangin' around your corner of the blogosphere, visiting now and then. Thank you in advance for allowing me those visits.

So, 'til it's blogging time again, thank you, dear friend.


  1. I hope all is well and you enjoy your break.

  2. Dear Marcia, there is no need to explain. I have been so blessed by your writings and musings and schooling and family life. Thank you so much for sharing. As long as you keep your blog out there, I can still reference back to all the good ideas and funny posts that make me smile. You have a gift for writing...
    I hope your days are filled with God's grace. Until then, take good care.
    Your friend,
    Valerie from California

  3. COME BACK COME BACK she says selfishly.
    I hope and pray you are well.
    Miss you!


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