"...and Thou Shalt Renew the Face of the Earth"

The hubby and I were going to pick up Eldest Daughter from the university chapel after the Mass of the Holy Spirit, traditionally held around the start of the semester. As I alighted from the car, I observed aloud that they seem to be running late because that was just the Offertory hymn I was hearing. We thus ended up attending Mass from the Offertory to the final hymn.

Maybe it was being in the university chapel where the crowd is rather homogeneous (read young), or the upbeat mood of the the red-clad choir, or the number of priests (three to be exact), or the fact that is was the day before my birthday, but the half-Mass renewed a full-something in me.

They say that dry spells are part of living the faith, and that sometimes, the dry spells stretch on. And on. How do you end a dry spell? Do you snap out of it, or slide through perhaps?

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Maybe sometimes you just have to attend a Mass of the Holy Spirit, however halved,

... and remember that it was that way, too, during the first Pentecost.    


  1. I remember reading a biography about Mother Theresa many years ago, and was astonished at her confessions of "dry spells" of faith.

    Sweet Mercy - if Mother Theresa herself had doubts and dry spells, then I am even more inspired to keep pushing forward until the faith and joy and beauty all return in complete fullness!

    And when I can't push forward, then it's on to Pascal's Wager!

  2. Thanks for the Holy Spirit ending dry spells, spiritual and otherwise.
    Good to see you back. :)


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