On the Fifth Day of Christmas

December 29
Optional memorial of Saint Thomas Becket, bishop and martyr

On the fifth day of Christmas, I reported to the office for the last working day of the year. (I rejoined the formal labor force in July, but never got the chance to do a post about it.) It was almost eerie given the festive atmosphere on the days just before Christmas. 

Yet, the relative silence was also welcome. Might it have been that way, too, for the Holy Family? After the visit of the shepherds and other welcomers -- maybe just a while before the visit of the magi -- did they feel that the silence was a bit odd, and at the same time, relished the time to breathe more deeply and consider what was happening and what God wanted them to do next?

Dear Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, Seat of Wisdom, and Queen of Peace, 
intercede for us, that we may seek inner silence and peace, 
and be sensitive to the promptings of God in our lives. 
At all times, may we be sensitive to what He is trying to tell us, 
and shorn of selfishness, 
may we respond obediently and generously, 
as you our Blessed Mother did.   

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at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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