On the Fourth Day of Christmas

December 28
Feast of the Holy Family

On the fourth day of Christmas, Husband and I met up with some friends from a distinct and long-ago life. We were newly married, Husband just started graduate school, and I was clueless about home and hearth. We were also in a foreign land where only the language was familiar; the rest of the landscape and the temperate climate took so much getting used to. New experiences were exciting one moment and frightening the next. 

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On the fourth day of Christmas, we were reconnected with the friends who were family to us during our first shaky years of  marriage, parenthood, and reluctant independence. Because of them, homesickness could be dealt with with a bit of humor, and the cold months, which stretched on and on, were somehow more manageable. Academic pressures, loneliness, uncertainty, and doubt took their sometimes cruel courses, but resilience, optimism, hard work, and faith took on parallel courses.

On the fourth day of Christmas, I reconnected with the lovely ladies I first shared recipes with, gave me my first lessons on food shopping and carpet cleaning, and generously listened to the small and big concerns of a clueless homemaker.   

On the fourth day of Christmas, not a month after Husband and I celebrated our silver wedding anniversary, we were once again in the midst of the very people who were with us at the start of our journey. We all have since journeyed separately, occasionally meeting each other intentionally or by chance, in the different places where work and family brought us.

On the fourth day of Christmas, the same Providence that made our paths cross those many years ago willed that our paths cross once more, however fleetingly, because friends need but a moment to remember and reach out, once more. 


  1. Happy 25th anniversary! What a beautiful full circle experience!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for dropping by, Mary. May you and your family have a very good 2015!


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