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We spent a good part of the Holy Week at my parents' place in the province, a happy treat for us city folks who were toasting in the heat at the height of the dry season (summer to temperate zone residents :-)). The absence of pollution, higher altitude, and lower humidity all made a huge and pleasant difference.

Even the dog felt the change -- as she should! All that space to run around and roam about. Here she is, happily resting in the shade. Back to the city a few days later, my daughter pronounced that her dog has a "lag" of sorts, surely missing green and earth and sky, and probably detesting being cooped up in our garage, never mind that it's all hers.

~ happy ~

Not-so-little-anymore Youngest Daughter rediscovered the swing, and tried to reach never-before-reached heights (her mom made sure she didn't) in between her other preoccupations.

Ever reluctantly back in the city, we went about our respective businesses -- lucky Husband to his air conditioned office, myself to my own little means of livelihood and family concerns, Only Son to the second week of his long school break, Eldest Daughter to plodding on with her university work, and my two homeschoolers trying to do what they could amidst the heat (occasionally needing to turn on the air conditioner and creating spikes in our household's historical energy consumption data).

Well, we recovered. Fast. We gotta do what we gotta do, right?

~ funny ~

And one of them is putting some order in the general area of my desk so I can do productive work. I was feeling so smart and proud after finding a corral for the pesky but necessary cables that come with technology.

I reveled in the smug feeling for no more than three hours. Husband packed our printer and my laptop (which I suspect was raided by ants, another dry season reality) in the car, and announced that he was having them repaired. Where are the cables of the printer, he asked. Surely, the technician will ask for them, he emphasized.

That was when I felt a chill up and down and in the general area of my spine in the height of the dry season. I did not know, and I do not know where they are. I know that they are not in the cable corral that was my source of pride for no more than three hours. Surely, the repair center has spare cables, I insisted. So off the hubby went. If you must know, it is not easy to type with one's fingers crossed.

~ real ~

But really now, for some reason, things have been somewhat lighter these days. For one, even as deadlines always faze me, these days they faze me in a lighter way. And when things are that way for me, I can think more clearly and act more purposefully and truly enjoy and be thankful for what I am doing.

Surely, the Reality that we are celebrating for 50 days has a lot to do with that.

I took this photo on Easter Sunday. The other side of this Cross is actually the Risen Christ. The church is circular, and we happened to be sitting on the side of the Crucified Christ. During Lent and Holy Week, purple cloth was draped on the Cross. See that white "stick" behind the electric fan on the right? That's the Easter Candle. It's actually taller and larger than it looks in this photo.
And here is a photo that does justice to the beauty of the Church of the Holy Sacrifice. Please do click.

Have a good Easter Season, everyone!


  1. Love the cord storage! Very helpful. Beautiful cross and drape. Our church did something similar. He is Risen!!!

  2. Love this post.
    What a gorgeous church.
    So glad you got to visit family. And EWWW for the ants.

  3. My youngest daughter would love a swing...and the yard looks so lush and beautiful! Are those lilies I see?

    Great idea for corralling those cables!

    The drapes in the church are beautifully done...Even though I didn't get all my Easter decor out, I know I still have time - enjoying the 50 days!!!


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