Plans Are Nice Things to Have

Plans are nice things to have. You search the Internet and in five minutes or less, you can get vertigo from the huge number of permutations and combinations of planner configurations, styles, and content. You may take my word for it or wholeheartedly agree with me because you have experienced it yourself.

Not to put down the planning experts because I truly admire them, and wish that I have a small measure of their efficiency and sense of organization.

My problem with planning is that I get stuck with the plans. Well, in my defense, that's not always the sad outcome. But yes, I have gotten stuck many times. Stuck in the implementation and monitoring and evaluation, in the jargon of project managers.

I also get stuck because of rambling, so I will make my points quickly now.

I think that if I am sensible enough to make plans, I should also have the matching determination to make them work. And they will not work if I don't follow them daily. doggedly. resolutely.

I think daily living plans cannot be perfect, so it does not make sense to spend precious time perfecting them. Revisions can be made in the course of implementation when warranted. I am trying to sound like a manager, which I am not. What I really want to say is that there are plans and there are plans that don't work and you don't have to be enslaved by them. Innovate. Make things up as you go along. Am I rambling again?

And at all times, bar none, it makes for good planning to plan only to rely on the Greatest of Plans, which was crafted most lovingly by the Perfect and Most Benevolent Planner. Hundreds of years ago, a holy and pure lady was asked by an angel if she would do this. The rest is the best part of salvation history.

A note on the photos: Both photos show sections of Communion rails, the first one at the Basilica Minore de Santo Nino de Cebu, and the next  at the Saint Pedro Calungsod Shrine. Early this year, I planned to visit my sister who lives several islands away. Then away I went, and took these photos on the side. 


  1. I agree.
    The more I plan, the less likely I am to do.
    I make a list.
    I have a schedule.
    We plan our school.
    But plans change. It is the way life is.
    That can be stressful for some.
    I read one blogger who was going to theme out her summer. THEME? My theme is pretend to relax. HAHA
    Blessings Dear.
    I am glad to see you blogging.

  2. Thank you for the affirmation, Em!


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