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Two days ago, I felt this funny sense of urgency, and finally kept away the last of our Christmas decorations. Actually, while we were putting away the decors in January, I decided to keep some of them where they were because, well, Christmas can be everyday, right? A qualified no. The spirit of selflessness, hope, and joy should be with us everyday. But then, what is the liturgical cycle for if our homes are bedecked with glitter all year round, right? So temporarily away four Santa Clauses and a bowl of Christmas balls went. (The bowl was my grandmother's, and it is older than me.)

This pretty angel figurine stayed, though. Doesn't look all too Christmas-y, and it has this uplifting effect on me. Look at that facial expression: cheerful, purposeful, and just so pretty. Stays in the middle of Saint Josemaria and Our Lady of Perpetual Help in my prayer/ reading corner.

The funny thing is, around the time that we put away the four Santa Clauses and the bowl of Christmas balls, we unearthed this Christmas decor kit that my sister bought for me 19 years ago. Yup, 19. I am hoping that it will finally get done before two decades are up. Wish me luck.

My reality check tells me that our Christmas decors were not put away in an orderly fashion two years ago, such that last year, we did not even use all of them! Don't let those organizers (bought at 50-percent discount post-Christmas) fool you. Yikes. Another organizational challenge. Wish me more luck.

How was your week, ladies? 'Hope it went well!


  1. Putting the decorations away in an orderly manner makes SUCH a difference come Christmas! Nothing dampers my Christmas spirit like attempting to decorate the Christmas tree and finding all the ornaments are in disarray - not to mention if one breaks!
    My mom had a friend when I was growing up who left her Christmas tree up until Pentecost - she just changed the decorations as each holiday came - Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Lent, Easter, etc. I remember being awed by that concept as a little girl.
    Your Grandmother's glass bowl is beautiful. What a special piece to treasure!
    Have a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you for visiting, and thank you so much for the suggestion of an extended-use tree. I am getting all happy and giddy! That would be a great visual reminder to live by the liturgical calendar. 'Will let you know what happens :-)

  2. Your St. Josemaria is adorable!!!

    I like Laura's comment on the Christmas through Pentecost tree....hmmmm.
    Best wishes on your organizational challenges!

    1. Yes, isn't it the smartest idea? 'So glad to hear from you!


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