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When I was in college a very long time ago, I did a bit of sewing during school breaks. Some projects were finished, while some were, well, weren't. Now, when you chance on the intermediate products (a fancy name for abandoned projects) decades after they were started, they don't strike you as proofs of failure anymore. They actually strike you as pretty, in a nostalgic sort of way.

Take a look at these. 

This one I pieced together with a throw pillow in mind. I used my mom's old sewing machine, you know, that one that you have to pedal manually. The stitches are rather tight, I think, but they should do. Who knows, maybe one day, this piece will actually turn itself into a throw pillow?

Now, this next one was a semi-success. I pieced this together, and made some Christmas tree decors using patterns I found in a magazine. It's a shame, but I do not know where those decors are today. Maybe I should use this remnant to make two or three decors that I can use this year.


Youngest Daughter's dog will be having puppies soon! So you know who is very excited and anxious at the same time. The doting owner gave me a list of "requirements" for when her dog is due. She has been researching and reading a lot, too. And given her admirable effort at keeping a journal of the diet, physical condition, and what-nots of the would-be-mom, I really should give her credits for science, and composition, maybe? One of these days, we should visit the vet to get supplies and ask some questions.

This is actually a photo from a {p, h, f, r} post a few months ago. Sleepy eyes!


What do you suppose was she thinking of?

She is known to have expressive eyes. Here's a proof.


We're in the (long) middle of the wet season. On many days, we get good sunshine in the mornings, then massive downpour with occasional strong winds in the afternoons. In laundry terms, if you wake up early enough (say, 5 in the morning), wash a load, and hang the clothes to dry, you should be folding them after lunch. Otherwise, hang your wash under a roof, say, in the garage or in a designated place inside the house. That I do, rather often :-).

Source: Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (http://www.pagasa.dost.gov.ph/)
If it were not for thoughts of informal settlers enduring rains and winds and risking life and limb in houses that do not provide sufficient protection, flash floods that inconvenience commuters and motorists, and potential massive damage on crops and livestock in the rural areas, I actually enjoy the wet season. A good enough dose of tropical precipitation has this purging and refreshing effect on one's surroundings and internal disposition. I love breathing in the breeze that comes during lulls in and at the end of a storm. I have learned to temper this bit of happiness, though. Somehow, it does not seem right to fully enjoy the very same elements that bring destruction to other people's lives. Still, my gratitude for these natural joys are real even if enjoying them comes with some ambivalence.

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  1. What a great post - I especially enjoyed the photos of your past sewing projects. Such fun to reminisce and imagine their potential.
    Puppies - how fun!
    I certainly pray for God's protection on your family and home as the severe weather approaches!

    1. Thank you for your concern, Laura. Yes, it's fun to plan sewing projects, and how wish I had the required time to carry out my plans! Thank you for visiting :-)


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