Past Posts on Homeschooling

I started blogging because as homeschoolers in a country where homeschooling remains a novelty/oddity a good ten years after we started homeschooling, we were -- and are -- a lone boat in a vast ocean. Occasionally, we would bump into one other lone boat, which is good, but we are never really a fleet. Blogging gave me happy opportunities to meet other homeschooling moms, and gave me huge support as my reluctant brood and I negotiated the rough waters.

Later, there were others moms who did not necessarily homeschool but welcomed me to their cyberspaces and generously shared their wisdom and cheerful spirits with me and other moms. And later still, there were other ladies who were not necessarily moms, but who were just as nurturing and whose joy and wit I thoroughly benefited from.

Can I ever thank you lovely ladies enough? No. But thank you, anyway, from the every corner of this mom's heart. May the good Lord bless you always and richly.

Today, I put together the posts that I did on homeschooling, and share them with you anew. I hope they will help you in however a small way, maybe make you smile, maybe make you think a bit, or maybe make you put that little one on your lap and read him a book.

(However much I learned from you, ladies, let it be known that all mistakes/errors/blunders are mine and mine alone :-))

Here you go! Please click on the post title to read the entire post. Happy reading!

On Organization:
~ Choosing Our Schoolbooks and Sticking with Them
~ Time Wise
~ Sundays and Mondays

Subject-Specific Posts:
Older Children and Penmanship/Handwriting Exercises
~ Reading and Understanding
~ Spell It Right!
~ Word Problem Workout Sheet
~ Why I Want My Children to Study Art

Figuring Out Field Trips

~ Homeschooled from the Start
~ Remembering Why
~ When is the Day Done?
~ To Pray, To Love, To Teach. If you can read only one of these posts, please read this.


  1. This is a gem of a post - THANK YOU!
    ~ From one lone boat in the vast ocean, to another.

    1. 'Will always be grateful that our boats crossed paths! And thank you, too!


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