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There is something luxurious, even indulgent, about cushions,
because they only exist to make life more comfortable.
~ Deborah Barker

You may wish to read the happy story of this pretty throwpillow (I think) here.


The domestication of the cat is believed 
to have taken place later than that of other animals, 
which may be one of the reasons
why cats retain an independence of attitude
not evident in other domestic species.
~ David Alderton


Life is short.
What's that got to do with getting organized?
~ Donna Smallin

A work in progress. An investment in hope.

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Alderton, D., 1983. THE CAT, Quill Publishing, Ltd., London and Sydney. 


  1. Your pictures are WONDERFUL! What a character your cat is...and your files & tabs (Only a home-school mama can get excited about those files & tabs - I can so relate)! "A work in progress. An investment in hope." Indeed!

  2. Thank you! Homeschool mamas share special bonds, don't they?

  3. I love being organized, just wish I could take the time to stay that way longer than a few moments.
    The cat in the book shelf-just precious!

    1. Yup, I'm still working on keeping things organized after the initial attempts :-). Thanks for dropping by!


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