Who Will Care for Creation?

I am definitely not a technical expert of any kind, but I think care for creation may be a difficult concept to grasp. When an individual or a group of individuals, say, an environmental watch group, practices care for the environment, the costs are on them but the benefits are shared by a group larger than theirs. People who could not care less for the environment still benefit from the positive actions of the so-called greenies. Kinda like free riding, I guess. That's because creation and nature are shared by everyone.

But care for things that one benefits from and the sense of stewardship -- are these not inherent in each one of us?

Maybe that's why it is a hurdle to get people and entire nations to be on your side when you talk about "small" things like household garbage segregation and big things like melting glaciers.

Maybe that is why it has to take a Pope to give us a nudge and say that this shrugging off on environmental matters has got to stop. Because the environment and nature are really just synonyms for creation. And when one ponders on creation, how can not one ponder on the Creator?

Today is World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation.

Read about the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation here and here.

Here is a rich resource for prayers for the care of creation.

Here is a link to Laudato Si.

"... His pardon for the sins committed 
against the world in which we live."
~ Pope Francis

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