Banana Chocolate Frozen Dessert

I know that some of you are experiencing extreme cold weather, so this post may seem way off. I do hope that weather conditions will be kinder in your part of the world soon. Do stay well and dry!

If I may just do this post, though, because I never aced baking, and having concocted a good enough no-bake dessert, I cannot help but document my little eureka.

It's called Banana Chocolate Frozen Dessert.

4-5 medium-sized ripe bananas (If you are from the Philippines, the lakatan variety is best.)
1 cup/ 250 ml cream
several swirls of chocolate syrup

Take note that these are estimates. I am not a good baker because I don't give precision in measurement a second thought. I guess if you want the fruity taste to prevail, add more fruit. If you want a creamier taste, add more cream. 

I also tried this with mangoes, and result was also good (in my opinion). To the mangoes I added cream and a couple of swirls of condensed milk, the equivalent of 2 tablespoons max. No chocolate syrup.

I am guessing that strawberries and soursop (guyabano in Tagalog) will also be good ingredients for a fruity frozen dessert like this one. 

Blender (I used an immersion blender.)
Ice pop molds

Combine all ingredients in a tall glass/plastic container with a beak. Blend well. Pour the mixture into the ice pop molds. Freeze until hard. To make removing the ice pop from the mold easier, immerse the ice pop in a drinking glass with tap water for a minute or two.

Here you go :-)


  1. This looks so good and refreshing! Thanks!

  2. These are amazing, thank you for sharing! I would make these on a sunny or rainy day. :o)


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