Family in 2016

For a word that will define a wife and mom's year, that one is a bit too obvious, isn't it?

But the obvious can sometimes be drowned in the urgent and the right-now. And when that happens, preparing a meal becomes less of a purposeful and  hallowed routine and more of a let's-just-get-this-done-and-over-with task. Cleaning the house spells drudgery when it could edify the cleaner and the cleaned-for. Buying groceries can be a punishing activity when it could be -- and should be -- an exercise in gratitude and thanksgiving.

So this year, I will draw out the obvious and view it in a different light. I will view FAMILY in the light of faith and love. It was with faith that the hubby and I made our decision to start a family 26 years go, and it was with love that we nurtured that decision for that length of time. It was not always a fun ride, for sure, but hey -- don't surfers get a thrill out of tricky waves? It was with faith that we made life-changing decisions, like homeschooling and living on a smaller income, but it was not always with love that we preserved the integrity of those decisions. Things will have to change on that plane.

The hubby and I have had fair success in pruning the non-essentials in our persons and in our lives. The children are older now, exhibiting amazing maturity in their conversations, decisions, and actions, the little one included. We're going to help each other along.

Yup, it will be an exciting year.

Fabián de la Rosa - Filipino landscape with Nipa hut (1905)

Attribution: "Filipino landscape with nipa hut", by Fabián de la Rosa (1869-1937) (Bonhams, London, 17 Dez 2008, lot 19) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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