Our Monthly Prayer Card

I've always wanted to incorporate the monthly dedications and papal intentions into our family prayers, but somehow never figured out how. Until yesterday. It must have been a prompting that I felt, and I came up with a prayer card for February that we can use before we recite the Rosary.

I printed the prayer for the Consecration of the Family to the Holy Family (because the month of February is dedicated to the Holy Family) and the papal Intentions for February and pasted them back to back on a piece of cardboard. I made six copies, one for each family member.

This is how the front part looks like,

and on the back is this:

The prayer leader reads the card before proceeding to lead the Rosary. That way, both themes are integrated with the praying of the Rosary, and the intercession of our Blessed Mother is consciously invoked.

Isn't it odd how simple solutions can sometimes not be so obvious? Thank you, Holy Spirit!

You can find the monthly devotions here. Very helpful discussion on the month of the Holy Family and the Prayer of Consecration of the Family to the Holy Family can be found here.

The monthly papal intentions are found here. They come with reflections, which you can read here. The February intentions are also listed here, together with an overview of liturgical living for that month.

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