The Choice of Easter

Gone for over a month! Can I believe that?! Not that multitudes have noticed my absence, but here I am again. Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

Trite (but true!) as it may sound, Easter morn is so worth the wait of the Easter vigil. This must be what's in the mind of those who religiously attend the vigil every year. (I don't, I'm not proud of it, but I am hopeful that this non-pattern change.) And with attendance in every recurring rite, one is rewarded by being able to see, feel, know, or realize something new each time.

Easter vigil at the Manila Cathedral led by Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle.
Photo source: CBCP News Photo Gallery

I realized something new this Easter vigil just past, thanks to a few words from the parish priest, in annotation to the formula prayers of the vigil, which in part said:

The good priest said that with the newness of Easter, we are given a choice. The choice is whether to leave the darkness for the light that will never dim again, whether to continuously live in that light or shirk to the deceiving comfort of the darkness that we have left, or in the simplest terms, to live right before God or not.

Easter vigil at Tacloban, Leyte, Philippines. Tacloban was hardest hit by typhoon Haiyan in 2013.
Photo source: CBPCP News Photo Gallery

Isn't it mysterious yet marvelous how God goes through the length of salvation history and the supreme sacrifice of His Son to allow us an Eternity with Him, and yet gives us the freedom to choose whether we want it or not?

How can we say no?

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