In Time

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I suspect it's not just me. Hours and weeks and months and years spent trying to make your children do house chores regularly and cheerfully and without being reminded. Paper equivalent to a mini-forest used up on chore charts that everyone ignores. Incentives, prizes, allowances, punishments, penalties, threats. Good examples, walking the talk, living what you preach.

So you resign yourself to clutter, overflowing hampers, and unwashed dishes. You do what you can given the material time that you have, which isn't much. (At least the dogs don't stink and get to go potty.)

Then somebody notices that there is a washing machine somewhere in the house, and that hampers can be emptied by throwing their contents in the washing machine. Another discovers bread and cheese and other nice things in the refrigerator and makes snacks for everyone. And yet another finally figures out how brooms, mops, and vacuum cleaners work.

For now I'll settle for small mercies. Hey, I must have done a few things right! Consistency and organization and efficiency will come. In time.

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