Try Another Clue

My lola (grandmother), mom, and brother are mean crossword puzzlers, if that is what you call people who do crossword puzzles. That makes for three generations of mean crossword puzzlers. I wish I can say that I am in the rank of the third generation meanies, but I can't. At my request, my mom used to leave the one-star puzzles for me to answer. While I made honest efforts to fill in the tiny intersecting boxes, I never progressed to her level. 

Still, when I chanced on a crossword puzzle book that I had bought maybe three years ago, but never had the time for, I was actually thrilled. I have been wondering about active means of leisure other than reading (active, i.e., versus the passive means of leisure, such as watching TV and YouTube-ing), and there it was. 

So these days whenever I can grab a few minutes, I happily plod on, threshing out the clues, trying this answer and then that, furiously erasing answers more often than I care to, and now and then joyously regarding a block of letters that I neatly meshed myself. 

Try another clue. Try another clue. Try another clue. I may never get to those three-star puzzles, but the motto works well for me. 

This is a link to the puzzle book pictured above, although I purchased my copy from a local bookstore. 

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