Consistency in 2017

Thank God for cycles and calendars and clean slates. Can you imagine what it would be like to open a brand new planner, sniff its pages, and glide your hand across the smooth pages, but feel weary and lethargic on the first day of the year? What a disconnect!

But because we have days, weeks, months, seasons, and years that roll along, one after the other, we can mark beginnings and endings, work and rest, resolutions and examinations. Not that the error and sins of the past should be forgotten; heavens, no! We are able to deal with those errings, though, because of the hope, second chances, and optimism afforded by each beginning.

Saint Joseph, you who consistently obeyed
what God asked you to do, pray for us.
The case at hand being the start of 2017. I have set up a total of four calendars in my work space and our bedroom alone (talk about overkill). While I have not written down my resolutions, I made a general promise to myself that I will just do things in a better way and be less, well, lazy. 

I should, of course, be more specific. Vague plans lead to zero results. So I take up the priest's advice during my Advent confession: pray everyday, prioritize your home duties, and reassess how you use the Internet (I hang my head in shame.). Nice resolutions on the surface, but without heroic amounts of good faith, fortitude, perseverance, and "related virtues" (my catch-all term), they can remain resolutions throughout the year. Who will I be fooling?

So I consider consistency. Conscious, deliberate, and regular practice of virtues until they become second nature. Until they surface amidst ebb and flow.

Practicing virtue on the first few days of the year is almost no virtue because everything is fresh and the adrenaline from the holidays has not leveled off. But when the glitters and baubles have been packed and the tedium creeps in so slowly that I don't even notice it until the hampers are overflowing and I am missing my work deadlines... there, right there, I can use some virtues. But they won't be around to get me through if I haven't been practicing them consistently in the first place. 

I suppose consistency is the force that will sustain good actions, the beating in the heart that will keep me humming along while traveling on good roads and bad roads. Must be a good thing to have then. 

Consistency, I guess I'll take you on this year. 

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