Dividing My Day

If I can have 48 hours in a day, I would welcome that. I'm quite happy with 24 though, never mind that at the end of those precious 24 hours, I still wonder where they went. Each time.

I guess this is why scheduling is an essential practical skill and following a schedule, an exercise in virtue. I will talk about virtue another day. Today, let me think aloud about how I plan my day, or more specifically, how I divide my day. I think of planning my day as dividing my day because as old wisdom goes, things are more manageable if they are divided to small chunks.

This is how a page of my daily planner looks like:

I use a generic planner because, well, it's cheap.

Anyway. Activity-wise, I divide each day into eight blocks:

1) Household. Yes, chores.
2) Homeschool. We are never on autopilot never mind that we have been doing this for years.
3) Family. On some days, this is as simple as making an appointment with the dentist. On some days, this can mean something more challenging like helping my son with his college applications.
4) Work + Social Media. It is odd that I lumped these together because while I work from home, I do not make a living from my social media activities (Sometimes I fancy I may.). I think I lumped them together because they both require computers. I haven't even blogged in a while :-(.
5) To Buy/Pay. We can't avoid this, can we.
6) To Call/Email. Can't avoid this either.
7) Norms.  I borrowed this term from the practice of norms of piety, which you can read about here. I have adopted some, and added some of my own like praying the Divine Office.
8) Well-Being. This is my personal health block, and if I'm lucky, my me-time block.

After filling in all eight blocks of my daily planner, all I really have is just a checklist. I still have to farm out my chores/tasks/activities across the waking hours of my day. In a friction-less world, that would be easy; but because of  unpredictable events, poor planning (it's a skill, remember), demanding children, or just plain laziness, planning by the hour is actually just setting up myself for boom!

Time-wise then, this is how I divide my day:

From my eight activity blocks, I choose which ones are to be done before lunch and which ones are to be done after lunch. The assumption, of course, is that I eat lunch around 12 noon. I have had reasonable success with this because the scheduling is less rigid while imposing a midday reckoning.

How do you divide your day?

P.S. Did you notice in the first photo that I put a heart around the number 7? That's for the Sacred Heart of Jesus because April 7 is a First Friday. As a child, I saw my mom doing this on her calendar, and I've done it myself since then.

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