A House Repair Worksheet

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Home repairs are like toothaches: the sooner that you do something about them, the better. Leaking faucets waste water and cost money. Sometimes, they even make sounds that seem to penetrate your skull. A loose doorknob is a security risk. A busted light bulb left un-replaced can cause physical injuries especially in hallways and staircases. It goes on.

The irony is that taking care of home repairs is not a pleasant task, especially if you are not a handyman. Or the hubby is not a handyman. Or nobody in the house is a handyman. So sometimes, the repairs grow lives of their own and -- voila! -- accumulate.

It's not too late for order, though, and order always helps. May I dare share with you a house repair worksheet that I put together in the name of order. It is in tabular form. The rows refer to the rooms or areas of the house where repair is needed, and the columns refer to the type of repair needed, namely, masonry, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing.

If you prefer to do the repairs by room or area in the house, you work by rows. Working by room or area causes less fuss and distraction to the family members. If you can do all the repairs by yourself, you also do not have to be moving around from one location to another, and you can concentrate better.

If you prefer to do the repairs by the type of work required, you work by columns. This may be the preferred mode if you will be hiring handymen. For example, you can contract out cabinet repairs in the bedrooms and in the kitchen for a carpenter to do within a day or two. He would have to move from one location to another, but you know that you are hiring him for the shortest possible length of time.

I added a table for the contact info of your handymen:

You can download the Home Repair Worksheet here.

'Hope it can be of use to you! Here's to order and happiness in the home!

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