Dishin' It Out: a re-post

This post originally appeared in Jenny's blog, Suscipio, back in April 2013. (Jenny now blogs at The Littlest Way.) My current circumstances prompted me to revisit my thoughts when I wrote this post, and I share them now with you. 

A pious and wise person once advised praying with your list of intentions while doing the dishes. You either have your list in your head or taped on a surface near the sink, then you "work" through it while doing your chore. It's a strategy that gets the dishes done and the intentions prayed for at the same time.

I've always regarded that advice as one of the most useful gems I've ever come across as a mom. Who doesn't want a prayer corner all to herself and a non-negotiable prayer schedule? Sometimes, though, The practical aspects of living the faith do not converge in a frictionless manner, so Plans B are necessary. And they are not at all bad. It's the purity of intentions that counts.

"A married woman must, when called upon, 
quit her devotions to God at the altar
to find Him in her household affairs."

What if I don't do the dishes because I have a dishwasher (actually, I don't)? Well, there are alternative scenarios, like folding laundered items, reshelving books, or mopping the floor. For younger moms, there's comforting a colicky baby. Any chore that involves repetitive action and does not require too much "technical thinking" so that one can dual-task the chore with the intentions list should do. And hey, the intentions list can also be substituted by the gratitude list or the praise list. Remember ACTS (adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication)?

Everything that we do can actually be turned into prayer.

"Let us work. Let us work a lot and work well,
without forgetting that prayer is our best weapon.
That is why I will never tire of repeating
that we have to be contemplative souls
in the middle of the world,
who try to convert work into prayer."

And healthy and balanced doses of verbal prayer and "action prayer" are always good prescriptions, right?

How do you keep up with prayer when family and work demand your attention the minute you wake up (or even before you do)?

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